We help you to translate your singularity into cinematic and unforgetable images

We are a video and advertising production company. We offer commercial, music and promotional videos that make the difference.

LïP’Productions is a multidisciplinary production company, formed by a network of talented and passionate professionals from every field of cinematography.

Direction / Production

David Méndez

Director / Producer

Florencia Reolon

Screenwriter / AD

Helena Lobato

AD / Script


Joaquim Phelan

DOP / Camera operator

Bernat Eguiluz

DOP / CA / Focus

Ferran Grau



Alexandra Berruezo

Art director / Set decorator

Alvaro Rodríguez

Art director / Set decorator

Pau Ros

Graphic designer / Set builder

Sound / Postproduction

Jorge Espitia

Sound designer

Marc Alabau

Sound / Color correction

Roc Faixedas

Technical Assistant

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